2024 Bermuda Race

2024 Newport Bermuda Race

McMichael is a long time sponsor of this historic sailing event. The race regularly draws between 150-200 participants, with 2022 hosting an impressive 220! Organized by the Bermuda Race Foundation, the 636-mile biennial Newport Bermuda Race is the oldest regularly scheduled ocean race, and one of very few international distance races. 

The race will begin Friday, June 21st in Newport, RI. New for 2024, sailors will gather just off Fort Adams State Park, 150-200 boats take two hours to start the race with thousands of onlookers from the shore, water, and online.

For full event information, from and event details to helpful instruction videos, or just to learn more about the history of the Bermuda Race, click here

As part of our event sponsorship, McMichael is proud to serve as the official check-in boat for the Newport Bermuda Race 2024. You'll find us on our MJM 35.

Learn more about the MJM 35 here.

Good Luck to all McMichael boaters this year! 

Kurt Locher | J/42 "Atalanta"

Linda & Andrew Weiss | Italia 11.98 "Christopher Dragon"

H. L. Devore | J/44 "Frolic"

Ken Wisdom, Team Ohana | Dehler 42 "Ohana"

Chris Schoen | XP 44 "Phantom"

Steve Levy | J/121 "Eagle"

Peter McWhinnie | JPK 1080 "In Theory"

Mike Greene | Sunfast 3600 "Loblolly"

Markus Lahrkamp | Dehler 46 "Scylla"

Kevin Kelley | J/122 "Summer Grace"