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4th of July Boating Safety Reminders

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By: McMichael Staff 

4th of July Boating Safety Reminders

The Fourth of July is one of our most special holidays. The main highlight of course is the fireworks, and many boaters choose to enjoy them on the water. And while it is a fun activity, it also means being out well past sundown. Boaters should follow all regulations for boating at night, but with an extra factor of safety. We’ve gone ahead and highlighted the most important safety tips to make sure you stay safe out there:

Have Plenty of Light

Aside from the lights in the sky, low visibility is the first and most obvious safety factor to consider. Not just to protect yourself, but others as well. Use all necessary light sources to your advantage, from running & navigation lights, to streaming light, and even anchor lights when needed.

Safety Equipment

This one is a given, but it bears repeating. Especially with family and friends. Make sure everyone onboard is equipped with a life preserver or flotation device. At minimum, there should be enough on board for everybody. Additionally, double check first aid kits and fire extinguishers to make sure you're prepared for every scenario.

Avoid Crowds

Fireworks shows are sure to draw a crowd, whether on land or on the water. And while being around a group can be fun it also introduces potential risks. Especially if they’re strangers. If possible, find a spacious area for safe viewing. That way you can focus more on the entertainment and less on what the boat next to you is doing.

Avoid Alcohol

We get it, the fourth is a celebration. But operating a boat requires your full attention. Inebriation can turn even the mildest of sea conditions into potentially dangerous ones. Not to mention that operating a boat while intoxicated is very illegal. Operators should refrain from consuming alcohol while onboard; not only for their safety but for others onboard and on the water as well.


All of these precautions should be considered in addition to your pre-departure checklist. Staying safe ensures that you and those around you can enjoy the holiday to it's fullest. We want to wish everyone out there a Happy Fourth of July!

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