Block Island Race Week

McMichael is a Proud Sponsor of

Block Island Race Week 2023

McMichael Weather Briefing with SeaTactics

McMichael is proud to sponsor the Virtual Weather Briefing for Block Island Race Week 2023. Join us every morning for a comprehensive rundown of the day's sailing conditions. 

Get updated results from BIRW HERE.

Block Island Race Week is five days of race activities both on and off the water. A variety of racing from around the buoys to the “Around the Island Race,” paired with daily after sailing parties.


Monday, 6/19
Tuesday, 6/20
Wednesday, 6/21
Thursday, 6/22
Friday, 6,23

Location: Block Island, RI

Started in 1965, BIRW has become the largest big boat regatta in the Northeast, and one of the most prestigious regattas in the United States. It regularly attracts the world’s best sailors who compete in the latest offshore one-designs, grand-prix and cruiser-racer designs. McMichael is proud to be a sponsor of this historic event.

The team at McMichael wishes all of our sailors

good luck in their races:

ORC 2 

Henry Brauer | Club Swan 42 "Tio Loco" 

Laura Heiss & Todd Lambaugh | IMX 45 "Xcelsior"



William Ketchum | J/44 "Maxine"

Chris Lewis | J/44 "Kenai"


ORC 3 

Al Minella | J/112e "THE ROCC"

Andrew & Linda Weiss | Italia 11.98 "Christopher Dragon XII"



Bill Kneller | J/109 "Vento Solare" 

Robert Schwartz | J/109 "Nordlys"

Tom Sutton | J/109 "Leading Edge"

John Wurch | J/109 "Aviato"



Nicolas Delcourt | J/88 "Oh Jee !!" 

Ken & Drew Hall | J/88 "Nevermore" 

William Purdy | J/88 "Whirlwind"

Iris Vogel | J/88 "Deviation" 



Harry Diorio | J/105 "Bella"

Max Kalehoff | J/105 "LauraBea"

Doug & Amy Striker | J/105 "MAYHEM"

Chris Tate | J/105 "Blitz"

Bill Zartler | J/105 "Deja Voodoo"


Skip Young | Megles 32 "Dark N' Stormy" 



Terrence Arndt | IMX 40 "Resolute IV"

Bill & Jackie Baxter | J/111 "Fireball"

David Goldstone | Farr 395 "Redemption"

George Harrington | J/112e "#bigsandwich"


Performance Cruising 2 Spin 

Erik Asgerisson | J/45 "Aacadia"

Marcus Lahrkamp | Dehler 46 "Scylla"

Steve & Rob Wadsworth | J/99 "Triple Whisky"

David Wilson | J/111 "Obsidian" 


Performance Cruising 3 Spin 

Richard Du Moulin | Express 37 "Lora Ann" 

Charles Murphy | J/120 "Truant"

Ken Wisdom | Dehler 42 "Ohana"


Performance Cruising 5 Non-Spin 

Bob Zannetti | C&C 110 "Venturesome"

McMichael Weather Briefing with SeaTactics

Join Chelsea Carlson from SeaTactics for the official weather briefing sponsored by McMichael. This is a briefing that will take place every morning before the race at 8am via Zoom. Chelsea will share the weather forecast for the day and some weather knowledge tidbits to add to your race strategy.

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