More Nautical Distractions

More Nautical Distractions

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Volume Two of our “Covid Distraction Digest,” where we share interesting nautical bits from across the media landscape to enjoy while we all heave-to and ride this out.

Stay healthy, wash your hands and see you on the water soon.

1. Into the Raging Sea

Rachel Slade's riveting narrative of the sinking of the container ship El Faro in October 2015. Slade's story also gives you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the shipping industry.

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2. Sailing Totem Blog

The ongoing story of a family of 5 that has been cruising full-time since 2008, including the abrupt cancellation of their 2nd trip to the S. Pacific as a result of the Covid pandemic.

Fun fact: Jamie and Behan met sailing on Long Island Sound aboard the J/35 Peregrine in 1988. The saga continues...

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 3. The Samurai Douse

Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men re-imagined on the bow.

Best sailing quotes:
"You're pretty big for a bowman."
"It's a big boat, missy!"

"The bowman always gets the girl."

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4. Top Gear Goes Boating

An early classic from Season 10 - what happens when you race a bike, a car, public transportation and a high-octane speed boat across London? Our money is on the speed boat.

Click below for YouTube clips or find Season 10 episode 5 on Amazon Prime.

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