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How Marine Growth Can Damage Your Boat

Mike Smith on keeping algae, grass and barnacles at bay.  Mike Smith | Originally published April 2, 2024 Get Moving When your boat sits still for too long, algae, grass and barnacles take up residence on the bottom, hurting performance and efficiency. Help prevent this by going boating […]

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A Spring Commissioning Checklist

A clear checklist driving a logical order of operations makes for smart spring commissioning. CHRISTOPHER BIRCH   MAR 18, 2024 It’s March, and if you’re like most sailors who’ve had to put their beloveds away for the winter, you’re champing at the bit to get down to the boatyard […]

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Compass Variation and Deviation

Buttons Padin Last summer I was navigating a large boat (Ok, it was the 12 Meter INTREPID) using the Narragansett Bay racing chart. In prep for the weekend’ racing, I had laid out the course and distance between all the various marks using my Navionics app sitting at […]

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Every Second Counts

Buttons Padin | McMichael Yacht Brokers  There is an often-shared point-of-view that the Olympic bronze medalist gets more satisfied or is happier to be on the podium than the silver medalist. The second-place competitor is likely to spend the rest of his or her life trying to figure […]

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Knots – The Essential Six

Buttons Padin | McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers There was a print ad for Dewars Scotch in 1985 profiling Gary Jobson who since has become ubiquitous with sailing. In that ad, Gary’s quote was, “If you can’t tie good knots, tie lots of them.” I just called Gary […]

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Sailboat Rigging | Top Ten List

By Buttons Padin | McMichael Yacht Brokers  Top-10 things you should know to optimize your rig for safety and performance! 1. Salt water can be your rigging’s enemy Fresh water rinsing Simply put…salt is bad – lines, fittings, sails, acrylics, gelcoat   2. Corrosion control is critical Check […]

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How to Care for Your Boat’s Diesel Engine

Originally published  MAR 10, 2023 ELLEN MASSEY LEONARD- Sail Magazine Small diesel engines tend to be remarkably reliable. Even in the harsh saltwater environment, marine diesels can last for decades and thousands of hours, largely because they are entirely mechanical (other than the gauges, alternator, and starter motor). […]

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Seamanship: Rethinking Anchoring

Originally published March 16, 2023 Adam Cove – Sail Magazine It’s 0930 and we are approaching our destination, having gotten under way early to avoid melting under the Caribbean sun. As my wife, Alison, and I sail Ben-Varrey, a 1969 Luders 33, through the anchorage, we pick out a […]

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Essential saildrive checks for your boat

Originally published May 17, 2021 Theo Stocker – Yachting Monthly   Maintaining a saildrive is just as important as caring for the engine itself. Dennison Berwick explains how to give your stern gear some much-needed attention Essential saildrive checks for your boat The season draws to an end, […]

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Sailboat Pre-season Rigging Tips

Top-10 Things You Should Know To Optimize Your Rig For Safety And Performance. Fresh water rinsing Simply put…salt is bad – lines, fittings, sails, acrylics, gelcoat Corrosion control is critical Swages, rigging fitting Watch for chafing Lines, sails against shrouds, Be mindful of rig tension and fatigue Shrouds, […]

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hurricane prep

Hurricane Season Prep

Our customers rely upon McMichael to help protect their boats during storms. They bring their boats to our Post Road and Rushmore Yards where some are hauled (for subsequent relaunch), some are put on moorings in our protected cove, and others are secured to our docks. In those […]

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