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Cole Brauer Nears Finish

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Positioned to become the first American woman to singlehandedly circumnavigate the Earth.

By Buttons Padin 

The media has been abuzz with updates on this young sailor – and not just the sailing media but also Forbes, People Magazine, the NY Times, NBC News, and many other media outlets. It is a rarity for a sailing competition, let alone a solo competitor, to garner this much attention.

This 30-something from Long Island currently stands about 300 nm west of her ultimate goal, the finish in A Coruna, Galicia in northwestern Spain. In the 24 hours prior to this report (5/5 2000 UDT), Cole covered 185 nm so she is projected to finish sometime Thursday, 3/7.

Brauer started the Global Solo Challenge in her Class 40 FIRST LIGHT about four months ago as the only woman in a fleet of 15 boats. Today, half have had to drop out of this incredibly grueling race. You can track Cole’s progress on the GSC Tracker or you can join the 454,000 Instagram (@colebraueroceanracing) users who have been following her regular updates making Cole a media sensation!

Local sailor, Allie Padin, recalled her time racing and bunking with Cole up at BIRW a few years back: “It is very exciting for me to see Cole carrying such a bright torch for the next younger generation of women racers. Her steadfast spirit and determination on the water was matched by her vibrant enthusiasm onshore. In a community where young women often feel the need the tone down their enthusiasm and spirit, I am encouraged to see Cole leading the way for the future generations, accomplishing outstanding feats as an athlete all while being her true, wonderful, and worthy self.”

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