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First look: Hanse 510 – decidedly different style

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By: Toby Hodges January 23, 2023
The new Hanse 510 follows in the footsteps of the 460 and is another marker that Hanse is moving in a decidedly different direction

Hanse’s second model from the board of the Berret-Racoupeau design studio, the Hanse 510, sets the German yard firmly on a course towards a completely new range with a decidedly different style to existing models.

The launch of the Hanse 460 in 2022 marked a step change in design thinking and a whole new perspective of what’s possible to achieve in a boat of this size. Wide beam carried right aft and well forward provides supremely spacious accommodation, along with plenty of layout and styling options, yet we also found the 46 to be surprisingly rewarding to sail.

The wide beam confers excellent form stability, yet chines, along with a marked flare above the waterline aft, are optimised to reduce wetted surface area when the boat is not heeling much. This dramatically improves performance in light airs.

These factors contributed to the Hanse 460 winning the Family Cruiser division of the 2022 European Yacht of the Year awards and the Hanse 510 is borne of exactly the same philosophy. The difference between this boat and the previous Hanse 508 is dramatic and goes well beyond what the modest additional foot of hull length and six inches of maximum beam might suggest.

In particular, volume below decks on the new model looks to be in a different league to the earlier boats, while 22 opening hatches and ports maximise natural light and ventilation. Hanse says more than 100 layout combinations are possible, ranging from an owner’s yacht with a very generous master cabin, plus two large aft cabins, to a 10-berth charter yacht with three heads, and skipper’s accommodation.

The galley can either be U-shaped or longitudinal, there’s even space for a utility room with washer dryer, plus a forward-facing navstation. Other features include a tender garage with space for an inflated 2.7m dinghy.

Sail area is almost 10% greater than that of the 508. However, the new boat is almost two tonnes heavier, so the sail area/displacement ratio comes out at a very similar figure of 20, putting the boat firmly in the medium cruiser category. Nevertheless, the relatively easily driven, yet high stability, hull shape means those looking for a boat that will sail well in lighter conditions and offer reassurance in stronger winds shouldn’t be disappointed.

LOA: 15.97m / 52ft 5in
Hull length: 15.25m / 50ft 0in
Beam: 4.91m / 16ft 1in
Draught: 1.98 or 2.43m / 6ft 6in or 8ft 0in
Displacement: 16,540kg / 36,475lb
Sail area: 128m2 1,377ft2
Base price: €449,900 ex VAT

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