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hurricane prep

Hurricane Season Prep

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Our customers rely upon McMichael to help protect their boats during storms. They bring their boats to our Post Road and Rushmore Yards where some are hauled (for subsequent relaunch), some are put on moorings in our protected cove, and others are secured to our docks. In those critical days before a storm hits, our staff is often working into the night hauling and securing a great number of boats in a very small window of time.

With a very active hurricane season predicted, I’m reaching out to explain our storm protection options allowing you to add this information to your planning. Basically, there are three scenarios:

  • Early Winter Storage Delivery– If you are done using your boat for the season, you can avoid all fall storm issues by bringing your boat in for winter storage before the next storm hits. By acting now, you can enjoy normal Decommissioning Rates and the Storm Storage Charge will not be applied. Avoid pre-storm anxiety by knowing your boat is safely stored by bringing us your boat before there’s a storm on the horizon.
  • Temporary Storm Storage– Call our yards (numbers below) to arrange for Temporary Storm Storage. When your boat gets to our yard, depending upon how many other boats are already here, your boat may be put on a mooring, secured to a dock, or hauled. The actions taken will be at the discretion of our experienced yard crews with the objective of protecting all the boats in our basin. The Storm Storage Charge is $25 per foot. This charge is applicable to all boats regardless whether the boat is hauled, on our docks or mooring. After the storm has passed, within 48 hours, we will relaunch your boat (if hauled) for you to pick-up or have delivery arranged. Boats in our yard after the 48-hour period will be charged a daily storage fee of $2 per foot.
  • Transitional Winter Storage– If you initially bring your boat to McMichael before a storm for Temporary Storm Storage and then decide to leave it with us for regular Winter Storage, you will be charged the Storm Storage Charge as noted above due to the timing of its arrival at McMichael. Those charges will not be applicable to your regular Decommissioning and Winter Storage charges.

Finally, please note that many insurance companies will pay the storm storage charge for named storms making your decision on how to best protect your boat easier.

If you want to discuss Temporary Storm Storage or Regular Winter Storage, please contact our yard service managers:

Post Road Yard: 914-698-4957 or Service@mcmyacht.com
Rushmore Yard: 914-381-2100 or Rushmore@mcmyacht.com

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