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Marine Power Innovation Awards 2022: Volvo Penta Coastal Series Sterndrives

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By: Kevin Falvey - Boating Magazine
Originally published February 7, 2023

The Coastal Series improves maintenance and ownership.

The engines and drives that comprise Volvo Penta’s Coastal Series mark a watershed in this popular marine drive train.

Whether used to re-power an existing boat, or in new boat installations, the Coastal Series incorporates a host of anti-corrosion and ease of maintenance features that make owning a boat powered one easier. These same qualities provide the boat owner with more confidence. We spent a week running these engines and explored every feature. These include a special aluminum alloy, a proprietary coating process, the Active Corrosion Protection system (ACP), a seven year transferrable warranty, and a comprehensive monitoring system.

Closeup of Volvo Penta Easy Drain system, one of many easy maintenance features found with Coastal Series engines and drives. Courtesy Volvo Penta

For this dedication to making boats easier to own–and own with more confidence, we honor Volvo Penta with a Marine Power Innovation Award.

Learn more about Volvo Penta engines here

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