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Mcmichael Becomes IYRS Industry Partner

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The International Yacht Restoration School, Newport, RI
McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers is proud to be an Industry Partner for IRYS. Our participation helps fund scholarships and other expenses IRYS students face during the term at the school. These scholarships are not only critical for the students themselves, but they are important to the marine industry as IRYS is helping fill the pipeline of trained, skilled marine technicians and service people.

McMichael has been a proponent of IRYS for many years, and through past participation in IRYS’ externship program, McMichael now has an IRYS graduate as part of our yard services team.

IYRS School of Technology & Trades is a non-profit, post-secondary experiential learning institution in Newport, Rhode Island and is the premier marine trades and modern manufacturing school in the United States. IYRS offers education & training programs for people with a passion for thinking and working through their hands.

IRYS students are aspiring craftspeople, designers, makers, and technicians who go to IYRS to learn advanced craftsmanship and technical skills to create successful careers and richer lives. IYRS students go on to careers across a wide range of industries, including yacht building, historic restoration, fine furniture making, wind energy, aerospace, consumer goods prototyping, and more.

In any given year, 70+% of IYRS students require financial support from the school to make their IYRS education possible. As with any non-profit institution, IRYS’ funding is limited. If more scholarship funding were available, they could educate more students who will be trained and eager to enter the marine trades and modern manufacturing workforce.

The IYRS Industry Partner program generates needed scholarship funding for IYRS students. IRYS and it’s Industry Partners work together to grow the skilled workforce that is so desperately needed while supporting IYRS students who are passionate about working in your industry.

For more information on IRYS, click here.

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