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MJM Yachts 42

Introducing The MJM 42

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Performance & Luxury For Your Shared Adventures
The MJM 42 is a uniquely styled Carolina Downeast cruising design. She is the highest evolution of a couples liveaboard performance yacht. Her modern accommodations are designed like a luxurious hotel suite with a large head and open concept, with a look and feel more akin to a living room. Enjoy a spacious interior below decks, embracing an American nautical esthetic punctuated by enormous hull windows, and a properly positioned TV to better enjoy a movie at the end of the day.

For more information on the new MJM 42, Call McMichael today. info@mcmyacht.com  914-381-5900

MJM 42 Distinctions

  • High performance & extreme fuel efficiency
  • Light, strong, post cured, epoxy infused, construction
  • Business-class helm sofa to share the piloting duties
  • Hideaway door & bulkhead for open floor plan
  • Level ride, plane between 12-22 knots
  • Opening front, side, and aft windows
  • Galley up for entertaining and socializing
  • Best-in-class stability and comfort

Key Features

  • Galley-up for better day use, underway, entertaining
  • Indoor/outdoor pilothouse
  • Flexibility to sleep a family for the weekend
  • U-shaped seating for dining
  • Large windows and hatches to maximize natural light
  • Oversized integrated beach deck
  • Outboard or inboard power options
  • Superb engine access

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