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North Sails Announces NPL RENEW

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McMichael Staff Editors 

From North Sails:

"North Sails RENEW is a sustainable sailcloth for cruising boats 25-45 ft. RENEW sailcloth is constructed with more than 90% raw materials from alternative bio-based sustainable sources, with no sacrifice in performance or longevity.

North Sails is a pioneering force in sailmaking, boasting an impressive legacy marked by groundbreaking innovations and technological advances that have revolutionized sailing. As the global industry leader, North Sails is equally committed to finding solutions for sustainable sails, low-impact manufacturing, the use of alternative fibers, and opportunities for material circularity. The launch of NPL RENEW sailcloth therefore marks an important shift towards building more sustainable sails with the best materials."

Learn more at https://albc.us/nplrenew

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