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Sailboat Pre-season Rigging Tips

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Top-10 Things You Should Know To Optimize Your Rig For Safety And Performance.

Fresh water rinsing

  • Simply put…salt is bad – lines, fittings, sails, acrylics, gelcoat

Corrosion control is critical

  • Swages, rigging fitting

Watch for chafing

  • Lines, sails against shrouds,

Be mindful of rig tension and fatigue

  • Shrouds, spreaders, when backstay is eased off
  • Backstay on the mooring

Secure your boom and wheel/tiller properly when not in use

Halyard breasting will save your running rigging

  • So they don’t hit the mast and each other
  • What do to with halyards you’re not using – run them up the rig using a messenger line

Know which lubricants to have onboard

  • Types and brands – to keep parts moving on their boats

Winches – know what to look out for during regular use

  • Maintenance, service
  • Indications of potential problems

Check all control lines

  • Leading purchases
  • Block and tackles

Tools to have onboard

  • Socket set
  • Knife
  • Plyers
  • Wrenches
  • Cutting tools – hack saw, wire cutter or bolt cutter,
  • Sail repaid kit

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