Steve Griffin reviews the MJM 4

MJM Yachts 4: Crossover Day Yacht Exudes ‘Hybrid Vigor’

By Steve Griffin

Biologists call ‘hybrid vigor’ the way offspring of parents of different species or varieties exhibit traits superior to either, even if they’re already standouts themselves.

It’s easy to think of the new MJM 4 day yacht as exemplifying just such hybrid vigor!

MJM 4z

Credit goes to the ‘parents’ of this gorgeous hybrid: the expansive 38-foot dual console, the MJM 3, and the couples-charming, classic Category A ocean yacht, the MJM 40z. No difficult design decisions between entertainment and intimacy here: in this splendid day yacht you get both the creature comforts of an ocean-class motor yacht and the crowd-pleasing space, lush appointments and satisfying sass of a dual-console.

Proud Parents
The single level MJM 3 was an immediate hit when launched in 2021, drawing rave reviews by those impressed by its big-boat comfort, open-bow crowd-pleasing, and runabout sportiness.

The 40z, its cabin a sumptuous delight, is one of just two Downeast-style yachts to achieve ISO Category A Ocean status, the European Union’s highest level of safety standards. (MJM’s 50z is the other.) Considered by many the greatest of Category A yachts, the 40z comprises well over one-third of MJM’s on-water fleet.

The 4, offspring of these fine yachts, welcomes a crowd while cuddling its owners – and it stands ready for about any offshore conditions.

hand-crafted construction of luxury performance yachts

MJM is known world-wide for its hand-crafted construction of luxury performance yachts.

Family-owned MJM has a hand-crafted reputation for luxury performance yachts, outboard or inboard powered, in a modern Carolina Downeast style. They’re known world-wide for exquisite beauty, absolute stability, silky smooth ride, efficient operation, and live-aboard comfort. High-tech composite construction paves the way for spacious and innovative layouts.

Four Zones
The 4 boasts four zones of fun, MJM proclaims proudly, and indeed, it’s hard to pick a favorite or even first choice from among the distinct boating/living areas.

4z Pilothouse

Spacious and versatile, the 4’s indoor/outdoor pilothouse morphs easily from open to weather tight.

There’s often a pleasant, creative tension between open-air boating and protection from what the ocean can throw. If only we could have both!

MJM solved that challenge with pilothouses that seal off harsh elements – weatherproof, dry, air-conditioned — but open easily to savor the breezes, sunshine and salt air that draw us to sea.

Electrically activated windshields, sliding side windows and back all open effortlessly for a partially or completely open-air voyage. Just as swiftly, you can button-up the pilothouse to create a space offering total protection from elements, while maintaining a 360-degree view. The result is not only expanded comfort, but an extended boating season.

4z Galley

An elegant galley within the pilot house puts the refreshments where the people are.

Pilot house appointments include a destroyer wheel, business class helm sofa, and L-shaped cockpit seating, The 4’s galley-up design puts food, refreshment, and fun up-top, where the folks are. And if indoor dining seems the thing, closing up the pilot house creates a comfy setting.

4z Bow

Electrically activated windshields and deep, secure seating help create a runabout feeling aboard a yacht!

Take A Bow
Snug, secure, and conversation-friendly, the 4’s open bow also offers the perfect perspective on the open sea and other sights. Movement is easy, sitting secure.

Transom walk-through provides access to the swim platform for swimmers, divers – or the catch of the day! Aft cockpit and serving stations support electric grill, sink, ice maker, or fridge. A side boarding door welcomes passengers aboard; a double daybed/sofa invites them to settle in.

4z Cabin

Berths and a yacht-sized head provides all the comforts of home.

Homey, Below
Below, a large V-berth, and a double berth amidships, make for sweet dreams for a couple of couples. A yacht-sized head with glass-enclosed shower (and 6-ft., 5-in. headroom) take the sacrifice out of boating; good living!

Material Matters
Instead of simply powering-up a ponderous hull, MJM focused on creating a stronger, stiffer, lighter vessel, using vacuum-infused proprietary epoxy composites, premium coring materials, e-glass and the process of post curing.

vacuum-infused epoxy

MJM takes boat building to its next level with vacuum-infused epoxy composite construction.

The thus-lighter hull gets maximum benefits from each horsepower, while streamlined construction creates more space within the boat for features and appointments – elbow room and comforts. The yacht, meanwhile, emerges fast and fuel-efficient.

Power Aplenty
Power options in the new 4 include dual 600 hp Mercury Verados or triple 300 hp Verados. Outdrives, powered by a pair of 440 hp Volvos, are on the horizon for 2024.

Thanks to the cutting-edge materials and techniques, MJM yachts are light for their size. That allows the use of lighter engines, which require less fuel and thus fuel capacity, which makes the fully fueled boat launch lighter. What’s not to like? A massive 475-gallon fuel capacity stretches range to the horizon, and tops speeds of 50 mph reach it in a hurry. An optional gyrostabilizer can further smooth the ride, but with the famous stability of an MJM, you may only use it in harbor when stationary.

Better By Design

4z mechanicals

Careful design has kept mechanicals accessible, and comfort easily attainable, as this below-deck view shows.

The 4’s eye-pleasing and unique Carolina Downeast design bestows a low center of gravity that, along with the deep V entry, advanced hull shape, and full-length running surface, tames seas.

As with previous MJM models we can expect the wheel to be crisp and bow steering or burial in large following seas nonexistent. The extreme low center of gravity, narrow beam and chine flats redirect wave and wake energy outward and downward to dampen roll in a moderate or rough sea; the slimmer hull slices waves that other boats slap.

4z profile

The 4z’s bow neatly slices waves large and small.

The new 4's open bow and spacious cockpit practically beg for a cocktail gathering. The pilot house is a versatile command (and cook!) center. Below awaits sumptuous relaxation and privacy. The 4 is an open-bow live-aboard, a yacht that can host a party and, when the smiling guests disembark, reward its owners with posh, private amenities. All the while, it’s at heart a sea-taming machine, displaying the rugged reliability and offshore capability that’s in the MJM Yachts’ DNA.

4z layout

The flow and flush deck layout keeps everyone connected, whether at anchor or underway.

The Last Word
MJM’s new 4 is versatile while still firmly focused on the offshore experience. From social mixing in fresh salt air to more private moments with harsh elements seemingly a world away or at least at bay, this yacht is sure to be a favorite among those who savor in varied ways their time at sea.

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