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US Sailing Advisory on Lighted Lifesling

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US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee Advisory: Recommendations Regarding Use of the Lifesling at Night

US Sailing just released an advisory on lighted Lifeslings:

"US Sailing's Safety at Sea Committee tested a range of MOB recovery techniques at an MOB Symposium in June 2023 off Newport, RI. 

One important technique reinforced at those sessions is to use the Lifesling for rescues, if possible, as that tool decreases chances of the boat running over the MOB. However, we also found the Lifesling, as sold, requires some simple improvements, especially in nighttime MOB rescues. 

Due to the importance of the these enhancements to safety, US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee is putting forward this Advisory to Race Organizer and yachtsmen planning on overnight offshore racing or cruising. There are two recommendations."

Read the full advisory here.

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