Yacht Storage

Yacht Storage

McMichael Yacht Yards provides year-around storage for boats up to 55’ in length. The Post Road Yard specializes in sailboats while most of our customers’ power boats are stored at our Rushmore Yard.

Boat Yard

Winter Storage

McMichael will haul and bottom clean your boat and then move it to a secure location for the winter. Our yard crew uses poppets as the primary supports for your boat providing stability for any upcoming storms.

Our staff will decommission your boat’s engines (inboard, outdrives or outboards), service your batteries, secure your mast and rigging (we can remove your mast for winter service if requested), and store your dinghy. We can also have the interior cleaned before closing the boat for the winter. If you have a custom cover, we will install it for you. Otherwise, you can have McMichael shrink wrap your boat sealing it for the winter to keep out the elements.

When you drop-off your boat, speak with our Service Manager about any maintenance, repairs or upgrades you would like done to your boat over the winter. With that list in-hand, we will make sure your boat is in the condition you want it to be when its launched in the spring.

In the spring, McMichael will fully commission your boat, and have it set to launch when you’re ready to start your boating season.

Decommissioning Flat Rates

All pricing is for labor only. Materials will be billed as needed.

Winter Storage

Hauling, bottom power washing, blocking & spring launching. Severely fouled bottoms & boot stripes will be charged for additional time and materials.

Winter Cover

Shrink wrap (Bridges, extreme beam, enclosures, wet storage – Per Estimate). Rates include removal and disposal in the spring.

Inboard Engines

Each engine is winterized (oil change and filters). There is an additional charge for secondary fuel filters.

Outboard Engines

Winterize, service, change plugs, reinstall in spring.

Outdrive Service

Remove, store, lube, service water pump and install in spring.

Batteries & Systems

Please pump out holding tank prior to arrival and note on winter storage form if tank is empty.

Mast & Rigging

We recommend unstepping the mast every third or fourth season for a detailed inspection. Detailed inspection includes: caliper turnbuckles and lubricate, mark and disconnect wiring, mark mast wedges, unstep mast, remove masthead gear and spreaders, inspect mast and rigging, plastic sleeve mast and store in mast shed on padded racks.

Dinghy Storage

Stored under your boat (max 9’). Owner responsible for a locking device. Hauling and bottom washing additional.