Yamaha 8 HP Outboard Engine

Yamaha 8 HP V2 212 CC

McMichael Yacht Yards and Brokers is an authorized Yamaha dealer. Yamaha’s 8-hp Portable has stepped up its displacement to 212cc; featuring light weight under 90 pounds, for one of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios in the horsepower class.

V2 212 cc 8 HP

The 212-cc 8-hp portable outboard features 7.5 percent more displacement than its previous design. This SOHC two-cylinder four stroke delivers a nice balance of power, performance and portability for jon boats and inflatables. Its new, shorter tiller handle makes operation more comfortable, so you can make a whole day of it.

  • Only 87 pounds
  • Available for tiller-handle control
  • Available in 15” and 20” shaft lengths
  • Solid 6-amp alternator
  • Prop Shaft Horsepower:
    8hp at 5500 rpm
  • Displacement:
    212 cc
  • Full Throttle RPM Range:
    5000 - 6000 rpm
  • Starting System:
  • Gear Ratio:
  • Alternator Output at WOT:
    6 Amp
  • Weight:
    87 - 89 lb
  • Shaft Lengths:
    15", 20"
  • Recommended Fuel:
    Octane 87
  • Power Trim:
  • Engine Type:
  • Warranty:
    3-Year Limited
  • Fuel Induction System:

Reliability and Durability

Optimal Operation

A CDI Microcomputer Ignition monitors throttle position, engine speed and atmospheric conditions in order to precisely adjust ignition timing under all conditions for optimum ignition performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation

Engine Warning System

Protects the outboard with a range of functions including: overheat protection and low-oil-pressure warning (automatically reducing maximum RPM to 2000), over-rev protection, start-in-gear protection and shift-in prevention at open throttle.

Corrosion Protection

Combined with our proprietary alloy (YDC-30), our exclusive Phaze Five™ anti-corrosive paint system provides a tough, five-layer barrier against corrosion. This protection is standard on all Yamaha four-stroke outboards.

Convenience and Control

Smart Evolution

The F8 feature a new shorter handle for more comfortable operation. This also ensures that when the handle in hinged back, it tucks in tighter to the cowl for more stable, flexible storage.

Portability and Storage

Built-in front and rear handles make these lightweights easy to carry. Resting pads and an easy oil retention system allow for convenient on-side storage without cowling scuffs or oil leakage.

Propeller Protection

Yamaha's Shallow Water Drive, standard on all 8-hp tiller handle models, helps keep the propeller and lower unit out of harm's way in shallow water.